Permalink | 0 notes Monday na, tarbaho na! Off to get beer after a day’s twerk. Wheel it.
Permalink | 0 notes Korea, may hangover pa ako!  (at Korean subway line)
Permalink | 0 notes Love ko ‘to! Sa uulitin ha!
Permalink | 0 notes An hyeong ha senyo Charlie Brown! An hyeong hi ga se yo Charlie Brown.  (at Seoul Incheon International Airport)
Permalink | 0 notes Cheap dinners at a fancy food court with the DDP as view.
Permalink | 0 notes Op Op Op!! Gangnam na naman.
Permalink | 0 notes Kkkimchi burger at DoniBurger. Yummm with a weird non-kimchi-taste, gangnam style.
Permalink | 0 notes It’s seoul cold here. Ahihihi a akko. Good morningz
Permalink | 0 notes Whatever you call this shiz. Ang sarap!! Literal na turo-turo, hirap mag-order. Hahak. Spicy as. Korea Korea.
Permalink | 1 note FYI. I have a serious fight with mosquitos. And this repellent patch has been such a best friend lately in these unsettling times. Oh I love you MoskiGo! (which we insistingly call it, I dunno why). Let’s battle roar all these buggers!