1. Dunno why, but I was always scared to use the mixer. I had dreams of beating myself to death with it hahak. Now getting the jazz of it, and making more, more, and more ice cream :)

  2. 14.07.13 Long hair, long day. That was then, some years ago, couldn’t really remember when. #TGG graza gangz

  3. I’m calling it Sopie. The Self-Opie fied. #blur

  4. Six months on and I still ask her some little daily questions. I’m sooo quiet I do it with cards. Nagging #dailyproposals with @lexarchy

  5. Sheilding from the enemy—Mosquitos.

  6. Dance like no one is watching. I should’ve danced more during high school, than in my bathroom. My social awkwardness.

  7. 14.06.28 Alabama deathbed.

  8. Proud and brag. Badges for Unlimited Bragging Rights for junior high students. I’ll prolly pin one on mah shirt too ;)

  9. Hello mcdo, bumibigote ka na pala

  10. 14.06.20: Documenting werk and more wrrk. Furniture photo shoot then beerrr to go with edits. Just like that @handsomemanvoice