1. Ang bango pa! Three-eyed happy bday gift. Thanks my lovely wife @lexarchy book firrs haring gwaping

  2. Before I get going with #hyperlapse app. Korea, or what it looks like when you arrive.

  3. 14.08.26 Dark Mocha. Under the overcast, a slow walk around familiar places, while sipping away that darkness, you realize the unfamiliar in what is there, is there.

  4. 2014.08.19 “5S, Eternal Recurrence on a desk.” #f-art Clean it up or rejoice in the mess, for it is Divine.

  5. Start the day right with hugs. :)

  6. 14.08.15 Payoff periods are usually my low times each month where accounts get major imbalances, so I’ll make up for it today with ice cream making day. Will try to make my favorite Reese’s and see how that tastes like as how I imagined it to be :)

  7. Favorite person, getting the job done. Sat night, at a party, checking peppers. Good job @lexarchy

  8. "Riot’s about to begin" with Pikachu and somebody else. Art binder organizers for sale. A4 size 2" thick three-ring binders. Each one has a different piece of work by #yourstruly

  9. 14.08.03 Sold some of my handmade art-filled binder organizers today at @10aalabama art fair. Had a photo taken with idol @jakeverzosa too. Thanks!

  10. Bear hugs to @lexarchy for helping out and working late doing last minute attacks for tomorrow’s art fair in 10a Alabama. Super thanks :)